What Is Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning?

People have trusted Chem-Dry for over 40 years for a healthier, safer carpet cleaning experience as well as the piece of mind that comes with the service. To achieve a deeper, longer-lasting clean,  harsh chemicals or soapy detergents are not being used . Instead,  carbonation’s natural cleaning power, along with our Chem-Dry Green Certified core cleaning solution is used , to extract dirt, dust, and allergens from the carpet .

The Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning procedure can remove dirt, grime, and allergens from deep within the fibers, as well as the visible traffic patterns and stains on your carpets. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning services have been shown to eliminate 98.1 percent of allergens, including dust mites.

The dry cleaning process is quite effective and may even be better at removing specific stains, but it can also harm the carpet and the environment. The chemicals it employs to clean with are frequently highly strong and can be dangerous to be around.

What Is Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning? 

Chem-Dry is the name to remember for environmentally friendly carpet cleaning. This process is gentle on your home and family, and it’s not harmful to the environment. The company’s signature cleaning solution, The Natural, is green-certified, making it safe for children and pets. Learn more about the Chem-Dry cleaning process. Below, you’ll learn why it’s the best choice for your home.

What Do The Chem-Dry Technicians Do?

Chem-Dry technicians are well-trained and passionate about providing exceptional cleaning experiences for homeowners. They treat your home with the utmost respect and are committed to completing the job on time. You can even request an on-site estimate before scheduling an appointment. But, before you schedule your next Chem-Dry cleaning, it’s important to understand how this process differs from steam cleaning. Before you decide whether you want this type of cleaning for your home, make sure you do some research first.

How Does The Chem-Dry Machine Work?

Dry chemical cleaning, sometimes called bonnet cleaning, uses a rotary machine to clean your carpet. This machine aggressively spins residential carpets. Although it may be harsh, it can help remove difficult-to-remove stains and odors. The added benefit is that the process uses less water than steam cleaning, leaving your family and employees exposed to less chemicals. You can rest assured that your carpet will be cleaner after the process and that your home will be safer and healthier for it.

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Is Best Suited For ?

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is a great choice for commercial properties. The system utilizes a special chemical solution that dries your carpets in a few hours. Steam cleaning can take anywhere from two to three days to dry your carpet. With this system, you can be assured that your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours instead of days!

In fact, Chem-Dry is better for your business than steam cleaning.Chem-Dry is great for commercial spaces. It preserves the value of your investment in your carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. It’s a great choice for businesses. In the commercial sector, the chemistry of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning will keep your commercial space clean and sanitary. This method is also better for your carpets than steam cleaning, which can be hazardous to your health.

Does Chem-Dry Work On Pet Urine Removal?

With our breakthrough Pet Urine Removal Treatment, Chem-Dry specialists are masters at removing pet urine and odor. While other carpet cleaners use perfumes to cover scents, Chem-Dry works by attacking pet odors at their source, deep inside your carpets, and producing a chemical reaction that permanently eliminates the stench.

Can Upholstery Cleaning Be Done With Chem-Dry?

For a successful furniture cleaning, you don’t need harsh chemicals or gallons of soapy water. To accomplish a deep clean, we use the natural force of carbonation in our Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning technique.

Millions of tiny bubbles, mixed with The Natural, our Chem-Dry Green Certified cleaning solution, target dirt and grime deep within the fibres of your furniture and bring it to the surface, where our strong extraction machinery whisks it away. Because this method uses around 80% less water than regular steam cleaning, your furniture will dry in hours rather than days.

How Does Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Work On Stains?

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses hot water extraction, which uses hot water to clean residential carpet. This method reaches the deepest layers of the carpet, removing even the most stubborn stains and odors. It also keeps your commercial space healthy, as it uses less chemicals than steam cleaning. Its quick drying time means that you can use it immediately. That’s not only good for your business but also your family.

What Are The Advantages Of Chem-Dry?

A dry cleaning (extremely low-moisture) option for carpet maintenance takes a step farther than regular vacuuming. Dry carpet cleaning provides deep cleaning power by using compound cleaning solutions to pre-treat fibers and break down contaminants before machine washing. The cleaning agents are brushed or buffed into the carpet, and then removed during the cleaning process, along with all of the dirt, oils, and other sediments that loosen when the cleansers embed themselves between the fibers. Similar to applying a stain shield spray on furniture, the cleaners can also offer protection to carpet fibers to prevent future stains.

The technique is most commonly used for domestic applications when homeowners want to treat a specific area, but it’s also useful in other situations.

What Is Hot Water Extraction?

There are a variety of carpet cleaning procedures to choose from. Dry cleaning, carpet shampooing, bonnet cleaning, and hot water extraction are all available. The latter is likely one of the most effective methods for cleaning carpets of dust, filth, and debris. Hot water extraction has been used to cure stained carpets for many years and produces comparable cleaning results when compared to other cleaning procedures.

Hot water extraction loosens dirt, filth, and other impurities in your carpet by spraying high-temperature water blended with special cleaning chemicals. After the dirt is lifted from the carpet, it is sucked away by a powerful vacuum, leaving your carpet looking like new. Hot water extraction is important for more than just carpet cleaning. In reality, there are numerous advantages to employing this carpet cleaning technique.

How Is Hot Water Extraction Better Than Steam Cleaning?

Many people confuse hot water extraction and steam cleaning, although they are two very different processes. Because the water must reach boiling temperatures in order to form vapor, steam is hotter than hot water. While steam cleaning can effectively clean your carpet, it can also result in issues such as non-removable water stains following treatment. When mold spores are breathed, steam cleaning can lead to over-wetting, which can lead to mold growth and respiratory difficulties. The water is heated just enough to clean your carpet without causing water stains, damage, or mold growth using hot water extraction.

Chem-Dry has several advantages. Unlike steam cleaning, it is safe for your home. It dries your carpets in just two hours, while steam cleaning can take up to two days. Therefore, it is recommended for homes with pets and kids. It will protect your investment and keep your home healthy. It does not interfere with your business activities. You can relax and enjoy the process. The results are a real improvement.

Why Is Chem-Dry Cleaning Better Than Others?

The Chem-Dry cleaning process is ideal for commercial spaces. It helps preserve your investment in carpet, area rugs, and upholstery. It doesn’t use too much water and only reaches the surface of your carpets. It will also leave your home smelling fresher and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. Moreover, Chem-Dry will increase the life of your commercial space and keep it healthy for your business.

Is Chem-Dry Truly Risk-Free?

Yes! Unlike many traditional steam cleaners that employ harsh detergents, Chem-fundamental Dry’s cleaning solution is The Natural , which is both safe and non-toxic. This means it is not only free of harmful chemicals, but it is also a more effective way to clean your carpets.

What Makes It Eco-Friendly?

The Criteria for Chem-Dry Green Certification Testing are :

Toxicity, Health, and Safety

Toxicity in the mouth: LD 50>5000 mg/kg of body weight

LD 50>5000 mg/kg of body weight for dermal toxicity

Toxicity inhalation: LC 50>20 mb/L or 20ppm

Carcinogenicity: Products will not be classified as carcinogens or included on the IAR, NTP, or CA Prop 65 lists.

Aquatic Life Protection

If the L/E/IC50 for aquatic toxicity is 1-10 ppm, biodegradation must occur within a 10-day interval.

If the L/E/IC50 for aquatic toxicity is 10-100 ppm, biodegradation must occur within a 28-day window.

If there are no products of concern and the half-life is less than 180 days, biodegradation does not need to occur within a 20-day timeframe if L/E/IC50=100 ppm. (Note: If the product is an aquatic toxicant, it must break down quickly and not accumulate in the environment.)

No product will contain alkylphenol ethoxylates.


When compared to steam cleaning, Chem-Dry is the preferred choice for most commercial spaces. It uses less water than steam cleaning, but it still uses a lot of water. A chemical mixture that cleans your carpets more thoroughly does not require any water at all. However, if your business uses a lot of chemicals or is sensitive to chemicals, Chem-Dry will be a better option.

The Chem-Dry process is an alternative to steam cleaning. The method is different from steam cleaners. A Chem-Dry system includes a specially formulated Heavy Traffic Cleaning Solution. It breaks down grease, sugar, and oily residue on your carpets. The two-pass cleaning solution is better than a single-pass cleaning process. And it’s faster than a conventional carpet-drying company.