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EXCLUSIVE... Liquid Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide!
Just Gone™ Stabilized Liquid Chlorine Dioxide -
4 Gallon Case

* Special "Mixed Case" 2 Gallons Scented And
2 Gallons Unscented

* Safe On All Fabrics And Wool!

* Easy To Apply

* Safe On ALL Carpets Including 5th Generation

* The Perfect Solution For Deodorizing Oriental Rugs

* Liquid, Easy To Mix

* Won't Expand So You Can Use In A Pump Up Sprayer
* Because It's Safe, You Now Deodorize Furniture
& Upholstery

* No Messy White Powdery Wick-Backs

* Works In Just Minutes

* Requires Less Wetting Than Other Products

* Just Wipe Down To Deodorize Hard Surfaces

* Long Shelf Life

* Denatures Allergens

* Extremely Economical,
1 Gallon Make 11 Gallons RTU Product!
$199.00 - A 4 Gallon Case Of Our Exclusive, Liquid Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Will Make An ASTONISHING 44 Gallons Of Ready-To-Use Product. 2 Gallons Scented & 2 Gallons Unscented!
(Compared To Other Similar Products That Sell For $25.00 A Gallon Ready To Use)...

You're Saving Over $900.00! CRAZY Aint It!?
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