How To Clean A Shag Carpet Properly?

There are specific cleaning processes that must be followed in order to thoroughly clean your shag carpeting. In order to begin, use the upholstery attachment to vacuum the rug on a high setting on a consistent basis. After that, use an organic rug shampoo mixed with warm water to clean the rug. Make sure to work the foam into the fibres to ensure that you get the most thorough possible cleaning. Alternatively, you can hand wash your rug with an extra-gentle shampoo.

Shag carpet
Brush of vacuum cleaner on carpet in room if you have a small area rug, you can clean it with a low-heat electric dryer on the lowest setting. The majority of the dust and soil that you may encounter will be removed using this procedure. Professional cleaners utilise a large-capacity drier to thoroughly clean their rugs and then groom them once they have been cleaned. A professional should be hired if you want to prevent the hassle of scrubbing your own floors.

Some Easiest Ways To Clean A Shag Carpet

A lovely shag carpet is the first thing that comes to mind while creating a cosy environment. It’s especially vital for those of us who have wood floors throughout our homes to create a beautiful and practical space. There’s no better way to add comfort, colour, and a feeling of space to your bedroom than by having some fluff underfoot when you first wake up in the morning than by adding a shag area rug. We can’t think of a better way to spend the winter, especially since it’s been so long and cold!

While a shag rug is attractive and nice to the touch, it can be difficult to maintain clean. In fact, we discovered a few methods for cleaning a shag rug. Scroll down for our best advice!

Remove The Dirt By Shaking It Away

If you have a little rug that you can pick up and shake, take it outside and give it a thorough shake. Leave the rug in a well lit area for a couple of hours to dry. Because of the sun’s high temperatures, bacteria and dust mites that flourish in soft goods such as bedding and carpeting are killed more effectively.

Another method for removing dust and dirt that has become caught in the rug’s fibres is to hang the rug over a railing or sturdy clothesline and beat it with a broom or an old tennis racket to remove the dust and grime. There will be an incredible amount of soil discharged.

Spot Clean

Spot cleaning is the most effective method for spills. The most important thing to remember is to act fast before the stain sets. Using a spot cleaning procedure is a good option if you have spilled something on your carpeting. If this occurs, there is no need to clean the entire thing. They recommend dabbing the rug using a microfiber cloth that is either white or neutral in colour so that there is no danger that the rag’s stain may discolour your rug and dabbing the rug until all of the liquid has been gathered up, according to them.


While vacuuming a shag without heat is not suggested, if you don’t have access to a typical machine, you can vacuum the shag without heat. If you have a large area rug, however, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaning. While a professional can effectively clean your carpet, you may not want to pay them a high fee.

Vacuum a shag as needed, which could be weekly on average, daily if it’s used every day by kids or pets, or monthly if it’s only walked or played on once in a while. If your vacuum has the choice, set the cleaning head to high pile. If the cleaning head isn’t adjustable, you should look for a vacuum with this feature to help manage suction and make the head glide more effortlessly.

Thoroughly vacuum out the filth. If dirt is allowed to grind at the carpet’s fibres, it will break down or wear them out. When vacuuming a shag rug, avoid using the beater bar or power head. Strands can be caught, pulled, or torn out by the whirling action.

To see the woven backside of your rug, flip it over. Vacuum this area on a monthly or as needed basis, using the beater bar of the vacuum to remove any remaining debris. To prevent a tiny rug from being sucked into a power head, stand on one side of the rug and push the vacuum head away from you. Avoid using the power head if the suction is too powerful.

Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaner can get rid of dirt and odours that have been embedded in the carpet for a long time. So that your shag doesn’t get harmed during the steaming process, it’s necessary to pay attention to the material it’s constructed of.

If you don’t have steam-cleaning machine, you can rent from a rental business or certain grocery stores when you need it.

After vacuuming a shaggy rug, steam clean it once or twice a year when it becomes filthy or discoloured, using a steam cleaner, hot tap water, and a non-foaming carpet detergent. Use a fan to blow air across the rug for a couple of hours to dry it. Shaggy rugs absorb a lot of water and might stay damp for an extended period of time.

Dry Shampooing

If you want to deep clean your shag area rug, you should consider giving it a bath with dry shampoo instead of water. The use of this procedure is highly recommended if you want to clean your rug while also eliminating unwanted scents, which is especially important if you have a pet.

When cleaning a shag carpet with a dry carpet shampoo, make sure to use a rug rake to ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. It is not recommended to use a wet mop or vacuum the shag after washing it with soap and water. The shampoo will leave the carpet dry and fluffy when it is applied. Use only the recommended products and follow the manufacturer’s directions when cleaning a shag with shampoo.

Brighten And Deodorize With Baking Soda

If the rug is clear of stains but appears drab and smells a touch stale, liberally sprinkle it with dry baking soda to brighten it up. Dust will be trapped and scents will be neutralised by the baking soda. Allow the baking soda to rest on the rug for at least four hours before vacuuming or cleaning (overnight is better). Remove the powder by shaking it and vacuuming it up.

Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bring it to the people who really know what they’re doing if you want a deeper clean than the daily shake and vacuum. If you’ve tried all of the above options and your carpets still don’t look brand new, or if you’re hesitant to clean your shag rug yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a professional. While they may utilise some of these procedures, such as steam cleaning, dry shampooing, or spot treatment, they are specialists in the area with the right equipment, techniques, and supplies to get the job done right, which can help your carpets last longer.

What Is The Best Way To Re-Fluff A Shaggy Carpet?

The most effective approach to accomplish this is to remove a towel from the washing machine while it is still damp. It should be laid over the flattened area and then gently ironed with a warm (but not hot) iron. Repeat the process until the carpet fibres begin to pop back up. Your carpet will return to its former glory after being subjected to high temperatures and dampness to help reset the fibres.

Is It Easy To Clean A Shaggy Wool Rug?

It is a little more difficult to clean these rugs because of their shaggy strands. It is possible for dust and dirt particles to be trapped deep into the rug’s pile because of the long fibres used. Cleaning shag carpets requires a bit more effort than other types of rugs, but it is simple if a regular cleaning practise is in place.

How Do You Keep A Shaggy Rug Clean?

Shag rugs only require vacuuming once or twice a week, depending on how much foot traffic they receive. Instead of using an upright vacuum, try vacuuming with your hands. Hand-vacuuming the rug will remove more dirt from the fibres and keep the rug’s appearance in good condition. Vacuuming should be done using a carpet/rug rake attachment.

What Is The Best Way To Remove A Stain Off A White Shag Pile Rug?

Accidents and spills are unavoidable in the house; the key to avoiding permanent damage is to react quickly! The stain will settle deeper into the fibres the longer the spill is left. Spot cleaning is a quick and easy approach to get rid of a stain. Begin by blotting the affected area with a white paper towel, being careful not to rub, as this can further embed the stain into the fibres.

Prepare a bowl of warm water with dish soap and apply directly to the stain, wiping away any colour transfer with a clean white cloth. Allow to air dry before dusting with baking powder to remove any lingering stains or odours. Brush off any residual powder after letting it sit for half an hour. If spotted immediately and handled appropriately, a stain can be removed from any rug from white to black.


Instead of a rag, a white microfiber cloth will yield the best results in this situation. The white microfiber cloth will not create any lint and will not stain the shag carpet in the least bit. Furthermore, you should always remember to allow the shag carpet to air dry in a well-ventilated place before putting a stain to the surface. However, it is critical to carefully follow the washing directions on the rug label in order for the shag rug to dry as quickly as possible once it has been cleaned.

Use a dry shampoo bath to get a thorough cleaning. Additionally, it eliminates pet dander and odours by removing dust and bacteria and disinfecting the surface. Using a brush, apply this sort of shampoo to the shag carpet and allow it to soak in. Additionally, depending on the type of shag carpet, a wet or dry shampoo solution can be applied. Although vacuuming the shag area rug will not be essential, you should thoroughly inspect it before vacuuming it.