How Much Is Carpet Cleaning Per Square Foot?

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service, you probably want to know how much it costs per square foot. Many companies charge by the room, but you may be able to get a good idea of the price by figuring out how many square feet your home is. If you don’t know how big your house is, it is best to have a professional estimate, and this will be much closer to the actual price.

The price will depend on several factors, including how many rooms you need cleaned and the number of stains. For a basic 500-square-foot project, you can expect to pay between $0.30 and $0.37 per square foot. Other factors that affect the price include the company’s experience and the size of the room. You should also ask about any minimum fees that the company has. You should be aware that some companies charge more than others based on your specific needs.

Pricing For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning typically costs $0.05-$0.25 per square foot. However, this is merely a guess. Not only do different companies charge varying amounts, but your final pricing is influenced by a variety of factors.

To get an actual price, get a custom quote. We will inspect your facilities and provide you with an accurate price quote. For the time being, keep reading to learn about the factors that will influence the cost of your quote.

Carpet Cleaning Price Influencing Factors

  1. Carpet Types

Cleaning some carpets is more expensive than cleaning others. Commercial carpets with action back alone, commercial carpets with weaker yarn systems, and older carpeting in general all have varying costs.

The cost is determined by the complexity of cleaning the carpet. More chemicals and time may be required to clean a carpet that is more difficult to clean.

Berber carpet, for example, is one of the least expensive and easiest to maintain. Cut and level loop becomes a little more complex, and cotton and wool can be particularly challenging. That’s only a sample of the types of carpets you may have.

Knowing what type of carpet you have will help you understand what to expect when getting a price quote.

  1. Layout of the Facility

Costs will differ depending on whether you have a large open room or a number of smaller offices. It only matters if there are items on the floor that need to be moved in order for us to obtain access. We’ll take a look at the amount of furniture in the room and how much of it is carpeted.

Cleaning small places can be rather straightforward. If the space is on a higher floor or if other circumstances make it difficult to access, the price may rise.

Stairs can cost anywhere from $2 to $3 each step, depending on the size of your area. Stairs aren’t usually included in room square footage calculations, thus they may be charged separately.

  1. Carpet Condition vs. Desired Outcome

If your carpet is in horrible shape and you want it to seem new, you’ll need to treat it differently. It also depends on the extent of the damage. One item are stains. Is there, however, wear and tear, odours, or other sorts of damage? Consider how awful your carpet is and how much you’re willing to spend to get it back in shape.

If stain removal is required, it will play a vital role. For stain removal alone, prices range from $40 to $300. The cost is determined by the nature and size of the stain, as well as the difficulty of removing it. You won’t be able to estimate this without assistance.

  1. Furniture and roadblocks

It’s best if you think about whether or not you’ll need to move any furniture. Moving small items of furniture will most likely be a part of the work. This is something that commercial carpet cleaners are used to. The larger parts are more expensive.

Heavy furniture is usually not need to be removed unless you specifically request it. The average cost of moving furniture is roughly $200 for two specialists completing two hours of work.

Consider the placement of your furniture to get a better understanding of the additional costs of moving furniture. If you have a large table on the carpet that has to be cleaned, for example, considering your options is a good idea. It all comes down to evaluating the requirement for under-furniture cleaning against the amount of money you’re ready to invest.

Price Range For Carpet Cleaning In 2022

The typical cost of carpet cleaning in the industry is between $123 and $250, with most households paying about $175. It’s preferable to get a free estimate from a carpet cleaning service provider if you want to know the exact or more precise price for your carpet cleaning needs.

In addition, the cost varies depending on the company and your region. Also, inquire as to whether the estimate they’re providing is a binding or non-binding estimate.

A binding estimate is more trustworthy because you know the price is set. If the carpet cleaner discovers unforeseen circumstances in your home, the non-binding estimate may alter.

Apartments Carpet Cleaning

Meanwhile, carpet cleaning costs in flats range from $30 to $80 per room on average. Because the difficulty of moving the equipment to your home varies based on which floor you are on, the price may vary.

Cleaning carpeted stairs costs an extra $2 to $3 per step on average. Most cleaners in your area will charge a separate price for this, which will be deducted from your total square footage.

Present Stains

Because of spilled drinks, food, or pet mishaps, your carpets may become soiled. Additional fees for stain removal range from $40 to $300.

Furniture relocation

If you haven’t prepared your home for the carpet cleaners, they will most likely charge you to move your tables, sofas, and chairs. The typical hourly rate per employee is $20 to $50.

Price per square foot for local carpet cleaning

You can pay a professional carpet cleaning business by the hour or by the square footage of your carpet. Because the latter is more cost-effective, it is preferred by both homes and businesses.

Carpet cleaning costs somewhere between $0.20 and $0.40 per square foot. Meanwhile, based on the size of your space, below are some carpet cleaning quotes.

  • $70-$130 for 200-400 sq. ft.
  • $100-$250 per 500-1,000 sq. ft.
  • $200-$300 per 1,000-1,500 sq. ft.
  • $250-$450 for 1,000-1,500 square feet
  • $400-$600 for 2,000-3,000 sq. ft.

Per-Room Carpet Cleaning Price

Some cleaning agencies are willing to charge per room, particularly if the space is tiny. Carpet cleaning services for one room have been priced between $25 and $80 in the past.

Here are some carpet cleaning cost estimates based on the number of rooms.

  • $25-$80 per room
  • $50-$150 per room
  • $75-$225 per room
  • $100-$300 per room
  • $150-$600 for 5 rooms and up

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

For all clients, there are different ways for different types of carpets and stains. The steam cleaning method is preferred by most homeowners because it successfully removes deep stains, hairs, and filth from all types of carpets.

Cleaning Carpets with Steam

For most homeowners, this is the ideal solution because it guarantees a 90% deep cleaning action for all carpet types. The cost of steam cleaning a carpet is between $100 and $500 per square foot.

To ensure your safety and happiness, some providers offer warranties on their carpet cleaning packages.

Shampooing your carpets

This procedure can be used to remove thick stains and dirt, but it uses a lot of water to do so. It costs around $80 to $400 on average.

Cleaning of Dry Carpets

This approach uses less water than shampooing and takes less time to dry. It’s also called encapsulation since the cleaning powder seals dust, dirt, and stains before being vacuumed out of your carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning costs between $75 and $350 on average. It’s also a popular choice for hotels and companies with a lot of foot traffic in their carpeted halls and meeting rooms.

Method of Carbonation

Cleaning your carpets with a tiny amount of water is a new technique used by cleaning businesses. Carbonation ranges from $125 to $600 on average.

Estimate Per Square Foot For Office Carpet Cleaning

Compaines also provide carpet cleaning services for workplaces, clinics, museums, hotels, buildings, and retail establishments. Because commercial organisations have a larger floor space, they provide it with a significant discount on carpet cleaning, which is often $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot.

For these customers, the most important thing is that the carpets be restored to their original appearance and that they dry quickly so that they can continue doing business.

What Does It Cost To Have Your Rugs Shampooed?

The typical cost of carpet cleaning in the industry is between $123 and $250, with most households paying about $175. It’s preferable to get a free estimate from a carpet cleaning service provider if you want to know the exact or more precise price for your carpet cleaning needs.

Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week, if not more, in busy households or high-traffic carpet areas. Cleaning on a daily basis can help reduce dirt and allergens, especially if you have pets or children, or if you allow shoes to be worn inside.

What Is The Purpose Of Carpet Cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning removes dust mites, germs, and other allergens, making it easier for your family to breathe and lowering the risk of colds and other illnesses. Dirty carpets, as bizarre as it may sound, can obstruct airflow in your home.

When It Comes To Carpet Cleaner, How Long Does It Last?

Liquid-based carpet cleaners have a shelf life of six months to a year once they’ve been opened. Check the substances in your liquid carpet cleaner if at all feasible. They will normally last a year if they contain oxidizers.


When it comes to carpet cleaning, you should know that the price depends on the type of fiber and the size of the room. Specialty rugs and wool carpets cost more than other types of carpets. Also, make sure you ask about extra charges for moving furniture and cleaning under furniture. However, make sure you do not include desks, entertainment centers, and pianos in the quote. These items can significantly increase the cost of the job.

Cost of carpet cleaning is different for different types of jobs. Generally, an apartment-sized home will cost between $25 and $75 per room. Some services may charge more for larger buildings, while others may charge more for larger homes. The cost of a carpet cleaning project will depend on the size and condition of the home, but you can expect to pay around $2.30 to $37 per square foot for a basic project in this area.