Swamp Juice Beads – 2 Jar Pack


“Now You Can Enjoy An All Natural, Insect Free
Outdoor Environment!”
Need an alternative to harsh chemicals or toxic alcohols in your bug repellent?
Try our all-natural Swamp Juice Beads!

Swamp Juice Beads come in an attractive container and when you open the lid it disperses a natural fragrance that, although pleasant to humans, is highly effective in repelling insects.

It can be placed in a car, room, on a picnic table, porch, patio or wherever flying insects are a problem!

Completely safe around pets and children.

Swamp Juice Beads don’t actually kill insects but repels them with a pleasant and all natural fragrance.

Place one on your porch or patio and don’t forget to bring a few along to the picnic to enjoy an insect free outdoor environment!

Formulated using Eco-Solutions’ patented process and a safe alternative to common, chemical-filled bug sprays. Swamp Juice Beads can protect your entire family from mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika virus and encephalitis.

Laboratory tests from Serra Research show that Swamp Juice exhibited outstanding repellency. After 45 minutes both LIB and BF reported 100% Repellency.

To clarify, LIB stands for mosquitoes that “Land with the Intent to Bite” and BF stands for “Biting and Feeding.” In other words, Swamp Juice Beads are HIGHLY effective at repelling mosquitos!

Order Today And Be Ready For Summer!

*SwampJuice cannot be sold in Alabama.

Two Jar Pack Just $11.68


Swamp Juice Beads All Natural Insect Repellent – 2 Pack

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