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The concept is simple, either we, or a fellow cleaner submits a question. We then post the question and survey our Pro-Cleaners Network family of professional cleaners. They in turn, call in and give us their short, concise answers and opinions. We compile the answers and BINGO... Carpet Cleaning Business GOLD!

The end result is PRICELESS, a short audio file that you can listen to for FREE and get rapid-fire answers and information from a broad cross section of cleaners about a laser focused specific topic.

Although the "PCN Project" is currently in it's infant stages, we're confident that the information shared by these cleaners will be nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

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"The PCN Project"
"The Greatest Educational Resource Ever Assembled For The Carpet Cleaning Industry...
Made Possible By Real 'In The Trenches' Cleaners Everywhere...

 Now You Can Get More Information About A SPECIFIC TOPIC In Just A Few Short Minutes Than By Sitting Through Dozens Of Boring, Industry Sponsored Webinars!"
Dear Fellow Carpet Cleaner,

After 13 years of "Live" online webinars that highlighted products for equipment manufacturers, chemical distributors, software developers and marketing "Gurus"... We're turning over the microphones to those that have the most to contribute to the cleaning industry, the cleaners themselves!

With help from real cleaners all over the United States... Cleaners that are out there in the trenches every day, we're compiling the most informative, helpful, profit building, FREE educational resource that's ever been assembled...
"The PCN Project"
So Simple, It's Crazy That It Wasn't
Done YEARS Ago!
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PS. Don't be shy, your opinion matters! Leave your name and company name if you want to, but it's NOT required! It's the answer to the survey question that really matters and will help other cleaners. Call 24/7 and leave a one minute or less answer. Thanks!
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Voice Audio Conveys WAY  More Information Than Text Alone, And Unlike Traditional Message Boards, If You'd Like, *You Can Be 100% Anonymous!*
Imagine a collection of short audio files that contain the wisdom of cleaners from all over the country and covers the entire, A-Z business of carpet cleaning.
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Built BY Cleaners, FOR Cleaners!
*Chemistry - *Spot Removal - *Profitable Add-Ons
*Marketing Ideas - *How To Get Started -
*Very Low Moisture - *Hot Water Extraction - *Upholstery Cleaning - *Rug Cleaning
*Water Damage - *Crime Scene Clean-up
*Equipment - *New Trends -
The Current Survey Question Is Below But This Grand Vision Will Only Work With The Help Of
Helpful Cleaners!
Call In With Your Short Answers Or, Call In With A Question That You'd Like Us To Post! Your participation is appreciated... Audio Results Coming Soon! Thanks!
Question: In ONE Minute Or Less...

What Are Your Thoughts On Liquid Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide?
Some say that it has worked miracles for them... What has it done for you? Does it do something BETTER for you than other products that you've tried, if so what in particular?
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