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* Start-  Introductions, What Is Chlorine Dioxide And Why Does It Work?

* 6:20Overview Of Just a FEW Of the Ways You Can Make Money With Clo2!

* 8:19-  Jim Taylor From Beckart.. Product Development

* 11:08
Mold... NEVER NOT  Passed A Clearance Test,
           Results BETTER Than Ambient Air!

* 15:15Intro From PCN Webinar... Deodorizing Apartments & Mold

* 18:15- Testimonial.. PHENOMENAL Success With Urine Contaminated Rugs,
Mold And Musty Basements!

* 20:07- Great Results From Canada... 100% Success Rate On Curry
Odor In Apartments!

* 23:00- CRAZY SUCCESS On Mold! Four Jobs, $16,000.00...
          Labor Time Cut In HALF! Customers LOVE It!

* 28:44-  Using NO Airscrubbers And Passing Clearance Test!

* 30:00- Craig Jasper... The Clo2 Network

* 31:47- The GIGANTIC Scope Of The Opportunity. Clearance Test & ATP Test.
 The Term "Gas Off"

* 36:08-
The EXCLUSIVE Beckart Efficiency System... FAST Results!

* 42:50- Craig Jasper, Benefits Of Clo2 Over Ozone

* 45:22- Testimonial... One HAPPY CAMPER. Success With Apartment 
Deodorization And Mold...
$28,000.00 In Less Than 4 Weeks!

* 55:29-
All ALLERGY Symptoms GONE!

* 57:30- $8900.00 Mold Job
... Felt GUILTY because was only on the job
SIX hours! Passed Clearance test!

* 59:35- Promising the homeowner $500.00 Bucks if they don't pass clearance!

* 1:04:15- More excited about odor removal than mold.
$14000.00 In just a few weeks!

* 1:09:25- 25 years in business and has NEVER seen anything that works
as well as
Just Gone™

*1:10:40- Works EVERY Job. Getting jobs WITHOUT even promoting!

* 1:14:07- Smoke Damage Job... $1088.00 in TWO hours!

* 1:15:11- $175.00 - $225.00 PER car for used car lots! Do up
to THREE Per Hour!

*1:19:00- The Just Gone™ System... How you can get the jobs!
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